Congratulations to the Bytecode Alliance

We at DeisLabs have long been excited about the prospects of WebAssembly for cloud native development. Today, the Bytecode Alliance (BCA) has officially launched as a foundation (with Microsoft as a founding member). And they are inviting you to join the foundation!

WebAssembly has much to offer to the cloud native world. It is highly portable. Binaries are small in size. It focuses on security. And the list of programming languages that compile to WebAssembly is growing by the day. Our hunch is that WebAssembly is going to play a tremendous role as a cloud technology–well beyond the browser. And we have been experimenting in this space for over two years.

The folks at the Bytecode Alliance share our passion. DeisLabs already uses the Wasmtime runtime in many of our own projects, including Krustlet and Wagi. And we are avid proponents of the WebAssembly System Interface specification. So we offer a hearty congratulations to the BCA. We are excited to work with them as we all build tooling to take advantage of WebAssembly in the cloud native ecosystem.